Tips to choose Bitcoin Poker sites

When card players online also deal with crypto like BTC, Ethereum or Litecoin, they prefer using new Bitcoin Poker sites where they can spend their cryptocurrency for betting and add to their wallets more Bitcoins and/or altcoins.

However, the choice of these casinos and Poker rooms now is complicated: crypto is a relatively new currency and not all still know the peculiarities of working with it, and moreover, playing for BTC and alts. Therefore, searching for Poker sites accepting Bitcoin, it is better to compare their offers, bonuses, benefits, withdrawal time, etc.

The difference in various Bitcoin Poker sites

On some of these sites, you deposit and play with only with Bitcoin, whereas on certain Bitcoin Poker sites, you can deposit BTC, which is then converted to USD, so during withdrawal operations, gamblers deal with dollars, Euros, or other national traditional currency. The sites that offer BTC in bonus also offer games with Bitcoin.

Choosing the right casino or a Poker room to use BTC

Poker sites that accept Bitcoin is clearly a subjective choice. However, some factors should always be kept in mind and thought before making a final choice. These factors are listed below.

Are Bitcoin Poker sites safe?

This is of course extremely important. The game should be fair and the information that players provide should be protected. These are important issues and all of these should be met on a good poker site.

The variants of the game

This is also an important factor. Most poker players want to play Texas Hold’em and it is also on this game that most players are available. Meanwhile, if players are interested in other Poker games like Omaha and Stud then they should make sure that these games are offered on the site of their choice.

Bets size

Gamblers that have preferences regarding bets are also seeking for the best Bitcoin poker sites. What bets do they want to play for? If they prefer low bets, then finding a good casino or a poker room is usually not a problem. When they need high bets, then it is important to choose a site that not only offers these stakes but also has players at these tables.

The location of the site (address)

Many things depend on where in the world the players are located. On sites with many players from Europe, evening time and weekends are the best playing time. If there are sites with very American players then other time zone casinos can be preferable.

Best reccomended sites to choose poker BTC casinos

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Poker Software and bonuses

Playing with bad software is no fun experience. It is always advisable to check if it is possible to try the software of Bitcoin Poker sites before the game for real money is started.

If a player does not like the software, he can change the site.

Besides, all gamers are interested in getting a really good Poker bonus. Thus, to pick the coolest casino to deal with Poker, not only the size of the bonus but also the terms for it must be checked. The bonus is a side issue. However, this is a personal choice, so if it is important to a player, he should always check the bonus terms.

Chat features and support

There are many social Poker players who gamble for cryptocurrencies now. For them, the activity of other players available in chat as well is needed. This is quite different between the various poker sites.

Choosing a site with active chatter is an important part. Generally speaking, sites with a large proportion of players from the same continent or even country are more active than players on sites with great variation in origin. Read about real money online pokies Australia.