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BITCOIN POKER: your perfect combination of the cryptocurrency and cards

Everyone and their grandmother heard about poker in a world where games come by and go all the time, it is one that has withstood the test of time. Adding to this spicy game, the concept of online gaming, bitcoin investment and multiple poker bitcoin sites offering freerolls tournaments, opens this to a whole new audience and adds another layer to this rich and diverse game that is bitcoin poker.

So everyone is ready to dive in and make a fortune, but one has to stick the landing first. We’ve searched thoroughly the web for the best bitcoin poker sites that we could find so that your experience is of an absolute VIP.

  • 1xBIT;
  • 7Bit Casino;
  • mBit Casino;
  • SwC Poker.

Playing Video poker on Bitcoin guide

So you’ve gotten the hang of bitcoin poker, but now want to take a step further and delve into video poker. Not quite sure how it works…? Well for starters, the good thing about video online poker is that it is not entirely based on luck, unlike its siblings. There are many strategies that come into play and one must be aware and adept at utilizing them.

Drawing similarity from poker itself, video poker is also played pretty much the same way as one is handed five reels indicating the five cards. The twist is that in video poker, you aren’t playing against someone or even the dealer. You’re playing against yourself. One has to deal with the highest-ranked combination possible in order to win. Your chances of winning are dependent on the paytable so it is wise to have a look at the paytable beforehand.

Advantages and features playing Bitcoin poker

Now one would wonder how we can incorporate bitcoin into online poker to make it into online poker bitcoin. Well, that’s simple, to play poker with bitcoin, one can invest into the poker chips using their bitcoins and then once they finish the game, they can leave with the poker chips that they won, converted into even more bitcoins.

Also, we haven’t even scratched the surface on the benefits of using online poker bitcoin:

  1. There is no premise of downloading and installing as all the content is available online thus saving you from the hassle.
  2. Many poker sites offer free bitcoins initially to get you going if you’re afraid to lose from the GetGo.
  3. There is a referral bonus where if you refer a friend to a bitcoin poker site, you get free bitcoins.
  4. We know bitcoin prices are constantly changing. That is why the bitcoin value stays the same throughout the game in order to keep the game fair and square.
  5. There are bitcoin poker freeroll tournaments which attract a lot of new players to keep the game fresh.

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