Play Blackjack Online With Other Punters: Free & Real-Money Multiplayer Options For Canadians

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Blackjack is a gambling game with a long history, dating back to the early 17th century. Today, it’s a highly popular card game in the “banking” category – which means the players do not compete with each other but rather with the banker. This makes blackjack a perfect game for sharing with pals. Let’s find out where you can play blackjack online in the multiplayer format with friends for free, and why live blackjack is the superior option for enjoying the game with other players.

How To Play Blackjack Online With Friends For Free In Canada

Online casinos may be the optimal solution for real-money multiplayer blackjack, but what options do Canadian players have when they want to have a free online session of 21 with pals? Let’s find out what sites and mobile apps allow you to experience multiplayer blackjack online, free of any charges or expenses.

Try Multiplayer Blackjack On Free Gambling Websites

Certain websites allow you to play blackjack in a multiplayer mode – with friends or strangers.

  • BlackjackOnline;
  • BlackjackGala;
  • BlackjackInfo.

In addition to the games, these websites give you insight into the history of blackjack, your odds on different bets, tips on adapting to the game as a newcomer, and lots of other useful information.

Play Blackjack Online With Friends In Free Mobile Apps

Mobile apps take the convenience of online blackjack to a whole new level, giving the users of Android and iOS devices a portable option for enjoying multiplayer with buddies. Check out the following apps where you can create a private table and invite your pals.

  • Blackjackist.
  • Blackjack 21.
  • Blackjack Legends.

Most mobile games with multiplayer blackjack have their own peculiar features, adding gameplay twists, social or competitive elements.

Live Online Blackjack Canada – Ultimate Enjoyment Of The Multiplayer Format

play blackjack online

In live dealer blackjack, the game is assisted by a real person with real equipment, and the gameplay is streamed to your device. If there isn’t a local blackjack casino for you to travel to, this blackjack format is the next best thing. Compared to RNG-based online blackjack games, a live dealer version has numerous advantages:

  • The atmosphere is as authentic as possible. The sights and sounds closely resemble those of a land-based casino.
  • If you have any doubts about the fairness when you play blackjack online, live dealer tables are ideal for you. You can switch the camera view to closely watch the dealer’s actions with the cards, seeing for yourself that nothing shady is going on.
  • Having the game operated by a real person adds the social element, which is what many players value in an offline gambling experience. The dealer will be not only professional but friendly and amicable, giving you prompts and entertaining you with light-hearted chit-chat.
  • Big casinos have many dealers for you to choose from. There are even special offers, such as Playboy Bunny dealers.

The only disadvantage of the live dealer varieties of online blackjack is, they’re never free to play since every session of live blackjack results in expenses for the online gambling house. However, the betting limits vary from table to table. If your goal is having a good time with pals or strangers, you can join a low-limit table (down to C$5), where even a modest bankroll can buy you lots of entertainment.

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